Benefits Of Xanthan Gum

May help lower blood sugar

– Consumption of INS 415 in high doses may help blood sugar. – It helps in decreasing the absorption of sugar from other foods.

Helps lower cholesterol

Xanthan gum is known to reduce cholesterol levels by around 10%.

Helps in weight loss

– Xanthan gum tends to fill your stomach pretty fast. – Consumption of INS 415 increases fullness by delaying the emptying of the stomach as well as slowing digestion.

Thickens liquids

– Xanthan gum helps in thickening the liquids. – Used widely in packaged food as a thickening agent.

Improves bowel regularity

Xanthan gum enhances the movement of water to the intestines, creating a softer and bulkier stool that is easy to pass and prevents constipation.

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