Try Out Instant Gajar And Moong Dal Halwa This Winter!


The price of a 90 gm pack is Rs. 130. It offers a shelf life of one year.

The net quantity of 75 gm pack costs Rs. 125. It has a shelf life of one year.


Apart from the color of the box, the packaging is similar for both variants - – Two pouches hold the halwa premix while the other pouch holds the toppings (dry fruits). – There is a wooden spoon inside the pack.

Moong Dal Halwa

– Super easy to prepare. – The aroma of cardamom is enticing. – Overall fresh to taste.

Gajar Halwa

– Clean list of ingredients. – It has a good bite. – No unpleasant aftertaste of fat.

– These halwas contain no additives, added flavors, colors or preservatives. – Packaging is extremely travel-friendly.

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