Amul Shalimar Ice Cream Offers A Refreshing Gulkand Flavor

Price - Rs. 35 Net Quantity - 125 ml Shelf Life - 9 months

Product Details

Mishry Rating

Energy: 155 kcal Total Fat: 8.8 gm Total Sugar: 15.7 gm Protein: 2.7 gm

Nutrition Information (per 100 gm)

– Milk solids – Sugar – Gulkand,(6%) {sugar, rose petal} – Almond pieces (1%) – Cashew pieces (1%) – Pistachio (1%) – Raisins.

Main Ingredients

– This ice cream has an off-white color. – It is loaded with dry fruits. – We could see tiny bits of pista that enhance the overall visual appeal of this ice cream.


– There are ample amounts of dry fruits in this ice cream and bits and pieces pop up in every bite. – The almonds, cashews, and pistachios bring in a nice crunch. – The plump raisins add a wonderful chewiness. – This has a medium creamy texture.


– Unique part of this ice cream is the subtle, refreshing flavor of gulkand. – The natural sweetness of gulkand combined with the sugar in the ice cream makes the overall sweetness levels slightly higher. – However, the dry fruits help tone it down.


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