Is Aashirvaad’s Gluten Free Flour Worth Trying?

Product Details

– Priced at Rs 210/- for 1 Kg. – Made using Jawar flour (48.1%), Flaked rice flour, and Ragi flour (3.4%)

–Mishry Rating

How we Prepared the Roti

– We mixed 100 ml boiling water into the flour. – We kneaded this until a non-sticky dough consistency was achieved. – We set it aside for 20 minutes.

Why hot water? Kneading a gluten free flour with hot water helps make a softer dough/rotis.


– The roti wasn’t hard or coarse, like most gluten free rotis can be. – It has a fibrous bite. – As the roti cools down, it turns slightly tough.


– Tastes best when warm. – As for the taste, we tried it with and without ghee. – Characteristic flavors of millets, slightly earthy and rustic. – Fortunately, it had no bitterness, neither was it unappetising to eat. – The salt was also well-rounded.

Our Verdict

While the taste and texture were fairly decent, Aashirvaad Nature’s Superfoods Gluten-Free Flour could have been prepared with better ingredients. The ingredient list is too complex for a commodity like flour that one would use one-two times everyday.

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