Best Quality Prunes To Add To Your Desserts
best brands of prunes

Best Quality Prunes To Add To Your Desserts

Looking for packs of prunes? Look no further.

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Prunes are nothing but dried plums. Plums that have been sun-dried without any fermentation are called prunes. Exceptional for good bone health, prunes are a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals. These crinkled, wrinkly dried fruits have a unique taste and chewy texture.

As a snack, a nutritious dessert post meals, or to add some layers of texture to your bake, prunes are rich in fiber, carbohydrates, and natural sugar. Here are some of the tastiest brands available online.

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Prunes That Add Sweetness With Fiber

Del Monte Prunes

This pack holds 340 g of prunes. These premium pitted prunes make for a quick and healthy snack.

They are devoid of added sugars and are low in fat and sodium. This pack contains prunes which are a source of potassium and fiber. You can blend it into smoothies, toss a handful in salads, or relish them as they come.

Rostaa Prunes

This pouch holds 227 g of dried prunes. They are pitted and come in a resealable pouch pack.

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Vegan and gluten-free, these prunes are ideal for preparing such dishes. Harvested during the peak stage, these prunes are natural powerhouses of various minerals and vitamins. It is advisable to store these prunes in a cool and dark place.

Amazon Brand – Vedaka Premium Prunes

This is a pack of 200 g of prunes. These are premium quality prunes.

They have been hygienically packed. The brand boasts of its consistent quality. Prunes are naturally moist, and it may be possible to see some soggy purple marks on the pack. Make sure to store these in a cool and dry place.

Regency Pitted Prunes

These pitted prunes offers a quantity of 240 gm. Occasionally, these prunes may contain a pit/fragment of the pit as they have been mechanically pitted.

These prunes are highly valued for their quality and flavor. They make for a wholesome snack and marvelous addition to salad, cookies, cakes, etc. An excellent source of potassium, these are naturally sweet.

Voila- here are our recommendations for prunes online. Eat them as they come, add a handful over salads for a hint of sweetness, or in your baked goods for some chewiness. Get yours at the earliest!

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