Best Brown Sugar Ideal For Baking

Best Brown Sugar Ideal For Baking

Wondered how professional bakers serve the tastiest of desserts? Grab a pack of brown sugar to know the secret.

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If you like that slightly nutty and caramel flavor in your coffee, tea or even your baked goods, try some brown sugar. It lends a lovely flavor to your beverages and bakes.

Brown sugar has a higher molasses content, which gives your baked goods a buttery texture as compared to regular refined sugar crystals. Additionally, brown sugar helps to retain moisture in baked goods. From chewy brownies to diamond sparkly glazes, here is a list of the best brands of brown sugar you can get your hands on.

4 Best Brands Of Brown Sugar To Pick From

Natureland Organics Brown Sugar

Made by crushing fresh stalks of sugarcane, this pack of Natureland’s Organic Brown Sugar is raw and unrefined.

It remains coated with 3% molasses. This is completely soluble in all liquids.

Parry’s Amrit Brown Sugar 

This dark sugar comes in a 500 gm package.

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It includes 10% less sucrose than refined white sugar and is inherently free of trans fat. When you open the pack, move the leftover contents to an airtight container.

Nattu Sakkarai Country Sugar

Nattu’s brown sugar comes in a powdered form.

Backed by scientific hacks and grannies’ beliefs, this powdered brown sugar can be added to beverages, cakes, and even savory pies and puffs.

Tate and Lyle Brown Cane Sugar

This 500-gm pack of 100% pure cane sugar hits the spot every time. The brown cane sugar has a malty undertone that offers a taste surpassing simple sweetness. This is a vegetarian product with a velvety texture.

One of the plus points of replacing refined sugar or sugar cubes with brown sugar is that the latter contains higher amounts of natural fructose. Based on the granule size, texture, and dish, you can choose from the best brands of brown sugar available online.

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