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There are some ingredients without which your meal is incomplete. Things such as oil, flour, and rice, are required for the preparation of a full meal, and they also play an important role in your everyday diet. We review everyday staples like dals, flours, rice, sugar, coffee and more to help you arrive at your most preferred choice of brand. We aim to point out to you a way towards a more manageable and healthy diet.

Big Basket Royal Basmati rice are long-grained and ideal for everyday use. However, these glossy white grains missed the intense aroma.

Bambino Vermicelli has two variants roasted and unroasted. We tried them both using two popular recipes, pulao and kheer. Here is our verdict.

Brown And Polson is the best cornflour brand if you’re looking to use it as a thickener for your gravies and soups. Our Top Pick thickened the soup quickly and did not have any aftertaste.