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The fluffiest, most versatile carb source- bread! Layered with PB and jam or grilled with grated cheese, you can’t get enough of this!

Tops New Cake Mix is 100% vegetarian and just requires some milk, oil or butter. We pressure-cooked the cake mix for 35 minutes. The outcome was quite impressive. Read on to know more…

A cooker cake mix allows you to make this dessert without the help of an oven and in the comfort of your home. Here is or first impressions of Weikfield’s Vanilla Cooker Cake Mix

Weikfield has a product that’ll help you prepare an eggless cake at the comfort of your home without the use of an oven. How neat is that? Let’s take a look at our first impression of Weikfield’s Cooker Cake Mix (Chocolate).

When it comes to sandwiches people like experimenting with taste and trying new things a lot and customizing their sandwich as they like it. Here are 16 types of sandwiches that are must-try.