Author: Maeena Naman Shafiee

Dr. Maeena Naman, a content writer with a PhD in Food Technology, is a whiz in the kitchen! She blends her scientific knowledge with a mom's passion for healthy meals. Maeena's journey started with a love for the science behind food, and her PhD research focused on Food Safety (Pesticide Residues). Now, as a skilled content writer, she translates complex scientific concepts into engaging, accessible content for a broad audience. Maeena’s writing reflects her commitment to promoting well-being through food. Whether she’s developing a nutrient-packed recipe, explaining the latest food technology trends, or sharing strategies for picky eaters, her work is always rooted in the desire to help families make informed, healthy choices.

From battling smudges to enduring unpredictable weather conditions, the struggle is real. Fear not, for we’ve created a list of the top smudge proof kajal products that promise to be your loyal companions in the journey to perfect eye makeup.

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